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Smoothing Uniquely Toned Skin

When sun spots, melasma, or faded scars surface on our skin, it can feel like all eyes are on them. Rejuvenating youthful, blemish-free skin can be challenging when faced with stubborn hyperpigmentation.

Our goal is to prioritize the health of your skin and help you achieve a look you’ll love. That’s why we offer customized treatment protocols and innovative technology to rejuvenate your skin’s surface and unlock your naturally radiant glow.

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What Causes Uneven Skin Tone?

Hyperpigmentation, or skin discoloration, occurs when darker patches or spots appear on the skin. This is due to the presence of melanin, a natural pigment that gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. It also acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays.

A change in melanin levels causes uneven skin tone. These patches can develop in varying sizes and appear anywhere on the body.

Types of Hyperpigmentation

Melanin is responsible for a beautiful variety of tones and shades. However, discoloration, like spots or patches, may arise from an array of internal and external causes—from our DNA to our lifestyle habits. 

There are various types of hyperpigmentation, with common forms including melasma, sunspots or age spots, and post-inflammatory pigmentation.By understanding the underlying causes of pigmentation changes, you can take proactive steps to care for your skin health—and we can tailor skin care and treatment protocols to your unique skin.

Melasma appears as blotchy, brownish, or freckle-like spots, primarily on the face. However, it can also develop on other parts of the body, like the jawline, neck, stomach, and arms.

The discoloration is typically a result of excessive sun exposure or hormonal changes. It’s earned the “mask of pregnancy” moniker since it frequently affects pregnant women. But it can also be triggered by certain medications or thyroid conditions.

Melasma can go away independently, but it may last many years.

Age spots, liver spots, sun spots, solar lentigines—these flat, rounded, brown or black blemishes are caused by excess sun exposure over time. The spots commonly appear in clusters or solo spots on the face and hands.

Although anyone can develop age spots, some are genetically predisposed to them.

Sun spots can show up at any age, including childhood, but are more frequent in older adults—as they’ve had more sun exposure over their lifetime.

When skin is irritated or injured, releasing melanin is a natural part of the body’s healing response. But sometimes, an excessive amount of melanin is produced, resulting in pigmentation deposits in the skin’s top (epidermis) or middle (dermis) layers.

You might experience temporary hyperpigmentation from skin treatments, like chemical peels or laser resurfacing, or lingering pigmentation called “pseudo-scarring” (since hair follicles are not damaged). Injuries, acne, and sunburns can all cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The muscles in your face are like a roadmap beneath your skin, shaped by every smile, squint, or laugh. Youthful, resilient skin bounces back effortlessly, but with age, skin loses elasticity and plumpness, causing wrinkles to form in place of your happiest expressions.

How Do We Treat Discoloration & Spots?

At McCauley Dean Aesthetics, we provide a range of treatments to help reduce the appearance of discoloration & age spots. These treatments include:

Restore Smooth, Youthful Refreshed Skin

At McCauley Dean Aesthetics, we want to empower our patients to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. If you’re concerned about uneven skin tone or discoloration, we’re committed to helping you reclaim your naturally beautiful skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so we begin the process with a one-on-one consultation to develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your skin goals. Whether you’re looking to restore your glow or address other concerns, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our Approach Is Made for You

Your goals and skin are uniquely you, so your solutions should be too. Whether you’re looking to rediscover your skin’s natural glow or treat imperfections, we work with you to find effective solutions. 

Before we recommend a treatment, we offer a complimentary consultation. We can discuss your skin concerns, such as fine lines, discoloration, redness, or texture. Our approach considers all your skin care needs, so you can achieve a subtle touch-up, receive a thorough program to reverse signs of aging—or anything in between. We want to help you love your skin.

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